San Clemente

02 San Clemente

Hershey’s work in Santa Barbara inspired developer and founder of San Clemente, Ole Hanson, to hire J. Wilmer Hershey to design commercial, institutional, and residential buildings for the new town. Although Hershey would die before he completed all of his designs, his associates continued with his vision for the seaside community.


Administration Building 1926

Administration Building
San Clemente

The office of Ole Hanson, featuring a courtyard with decorative stair, was a centerpiece of the Spanish Colonial Revival downtown.

Community Clubhouse
San Clemente

Attributed to Hershey, Seares and Hill, the charming Spanish Colonia Revival building was the social center for the new community. Rear elevation featured arches and an observation tower with a whimsical weather vane and lavishly landscaped grounds.

San Clemente Grammar School 1927

San Clemente Grammar School
San Clemente

Hershey only designed the east façade; the design finished by Richard U. Seares and Virgil Westbrook.

Hotel San Clemente
San Clemente

The National Register Nomination for this landmark credits Hershey as part of the design team.

San Clemente Reservoir c. 1926

San Clemente Reservoir
San Clemente

Hershey designed all of the initial infrastructure buildings in one comprehensive Spanish Colonial Revival style. The building evokes a mission posed on the hill above the town.